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The American society for

reconstructive Transplantation

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About the American Society for Reconstructive Transplantation

The ASRT was founded on July 9th, 2008. The overall goal of the society is to provide a platform for the advancement of education, science and practice of reconstructive transplant surgery. The guiding principle of the Society is to provide members and visitors with a concept that enables and encourages everybody with an interest in Reconstructive Transplantation to participate towards our goal of promoting progress and information exchange in this growing field.

ASRT Logo Design - Be Significant

The ASRT logo consists of 3 different colored leaves representing the three groups connected within ASRT (Donor, Recipient, Surgeon). United by a stem connecting the veins on each leaf, the leaves continue to grow as one plant. All of the leaves in the logo are equally represented being consistent in style and weight. The outward display of the leaves shows a healthy functioning unit, growing organically and balanced.

Ideas the ASRT Logo is based on include:

      • Team work between different specialties of surgeons
      • Team work between donor and recipient limbs
      • The gift of freedom and normalcy from one person to another
      • Life enhancing/life saving
      • Serving to rebuild, restore, or correct the appearance and function of defective, damaged, or missing body structures or parts.
      • To make a person whole again
      • Communication
      • Professionalism

The Donor is represented in the dark orange leaf, it’s positioned higher than the other 2 elements showing the connection to the spirit and the fine balance of life. The lighter orange leaf represents the recipient and is on equal height to that of the Surgeon’s leaf depicted in Grey. The donor and recipient leaves are the same shape emphasizing that both donor limb and recipient body must function medically/chemically/biologically together (to minimize organ/tissue rejection). The Surgeon leaf in grey reflects the professionalism and strength that a surgeon brings to the equation. It’s slightly more dynamic than the other 2 leaves, being the base of the logo graphic and sprouting upwards and outwards in a positive direction. This brings a sense of foundation and stability to the recipient and donor elements, and emphasizes the growth of reconstructive transplantation.

Grey In the world of the business professional, color is evaluated with scrutiny. In fashion, the word “professional” has come to mean grays and tonal blacks because these colors lack personal characteristics and are truly neutral. Warm grays, however, are a perfect background for brilliant hues such as yellow or orange. Schemes based on achromatic gray combined with vivid accents become accented neutrals. Gray is unexciting but practical. It sends a sober message, with a minimum of humor perfectly fitting for professionals.

Orange Color schemes that convey friendliness often include orange. Open and easy, these combinations have all the elements of energy and movement. They create order and equality without a sense of power or control. Because it is energetic and glowing, orange is the international safety color in areas of danger. Orange life rafts and life preservers are easily seen on blue or gray seats. Color combinations using yellow/orange or amber are the most welcoming.

Yellow Combined with a small amount of red creates these radiant hues which are universally appealing. In full strength, yellow-orange can be likened to gold or the precious spice saffron. It is a very communicative color, being the color of the sixties, Orange invites people to be open and communicate. By extracting ASRT as an acronym it reflects the domain, plus provides an easier system for recall and creates a logo that is balanced and minimalist.


The American Society for Reconstructive Transplantation

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The American Society of Reconstructive Transplantation is a 501(3c) non-profit organization.

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